If you choose the right type and manufacturer for your flat roof coating, it can become a pretty nice investment. Moreover, it prolongs the life span of your roof because it reduces the temperature which results in energy savings. But the main question is how to make the right choice. When it comes to types of roofs, there is a great variety in the market. It is not easy to deal with all types of coatings. The main problem is that characteristic of the substrate determines the coating adhesiveness. It is also difficult for the coating to comply with hard, smooth surfaces. So, what is the best choice for your flat roof?

Types of Flat Roof Coating

Although there are many types of coating, when it comes to withstanding weather conditions and durability, here are 5 popular types that you want to consider:

  1. Built-up roofs
  2. Torch on roof style
  3. Membrane coating
  4. Rubber coating
  5. Liquid coating

Built-up roofs

Built-up roofs consist of plastic material waterproof membranes, altered with hot tar or gravel and roofing compound. This option is popular because it is the cheapest option. It is worth mentioning that this roofing is difficult to install.

Torch on roof style

Torch on style is a self-adherent membrane which is installed by torch. Membranes are installed one by one and they are sealed together using a hot torch. This kind of roofing is very reliable and the price is moderate.

Membrane coating

Membranes come in sheets or roles. Some styles are Thermo plastic olefin, Plyvinyl Chloride single-ply and modified bitumen.

Rubber coating

When you want to modernize your roof, rubber coating is used. It can be laid over other roofing solutions. It can be applied by rollers or it can just be spread on the roof. This is an effective method, but keep in mind that the layer is thin. The main disadvantage of this type of roofing is its price. It is relatively expensive.

Liquid coating

Another type of coating worth mentioning is liquid coating. It is mostly used for reroofing over existing old coating material. It must be applied after cleaning and patching the seams and tears of the old roof coating.

There are two types of commonly used liquid coatings which deserve special attention. The first is asphalt base, made of petroleum and it is black in color. This type of liquid coating should be used over asphalt based and modified bitumen roofs. It is seldom used on metal roofs. Keep in mind that it has a short life span. The other type of liquid coating is Elastomeric coating which is rubber based. It can stretch so it is relatively better than asphalt coating.

Other than the five above mentioned coating types you should not neglect three more types. Standing seam metal roofing is the perfect choice for slope and flat surfaces due to its tight joints. It is an expensive option but in the long run, it pays off because of its low maintenance costs. Wooden shingles last a long time and it is readily available on the market. To the contrary, clay tile roofing requires a lot of time and effort but it provides protection from weather damage and drives off excess water. You can solve your roofing problems for many years to come by making the right choice.

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